4 Awesome Adventure Games for Kids to Play on International Tabletop Day

We’re counting down the days International Tabletop Day 2018, happening this year on April 28th! As we get closer to the big day, we’ll be looking at the gamut of tabletop gaming, from the stories of the games we play to remarkable people who love them. Today we’re looking at one of the tools to help gamers track their games. Be sure to join in on the fun on April 28th on our official ITTD Twitch Stream, hosted by Ivan van Norman and donate to charity:water, the worthy cause we’re supporting this year.

The best part of International Tabletop Day is spending time with your family and friends playing games to your heart’s content. Thankfully, with so many options available, there’s something to play for every age and skill level that even the most seasoned gamer will appreciate.

Here are four awesome adventure games for kids to play during International Tabletop Day. Go create some memories by introducing the next generation of gamers to our hobby!


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This tile-laying puzzle game is a great way for younger players to create their own personal treasure map as they journey through the mysterious island of Karuba by HABA.

The goal is to get your adventurer meeples to their respective temples. Players who do so first receive bonus points; or, as a certain archaeologist would call it, fortune and glory.

Karuba has a Bingo feel to it as one player announces which tile is being played, and adventurers of all ages will enjoy the simple-yet-challenging gameplay.

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters


Winner of the 2014 Kinderspiel des Jahres award (given to best children’s game of the year), Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters by Mattel is more cute than scary so even the wee ones can join you at the tabletop.

Your group enters a haunted house and must find all of the jewels and escape before it’s overrun by ghosts. Each turn, roll dice to see how many moves you have and whether or not another ghost appears. If you end your turn on a space with a jewel you’ll pick it up, but if there’s a ghost you’ll fight it via the combat die. Too many ghosts turn into hauntings and you’ll need another player to help you out.

You’ll have to hurry up and defeat those hauntings, though: six of them on the board loses the game for you and your fellow ghostbusters.



Jamaica by Asmodee is aaarrrggg-uably the best roll-and-move pirate game out there. Young gamers will love sailing their ships, collecting treasures, and getting into the occasional sea battle with each other.

Each turn you’ll roll the dice and assign one each to the day phase and night phase. Then you’ll play your cards for each phase, moving your ship, collecting food, gold, ammunition, and treasures along the way, or you’ll do battle with any opponents that share your space.

The first player to make their way around the island triggers the game’s end and the player with the most gold wins.

Forbidden Island

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This tense game published by Gamewright from the designer of Pandemic is a fun way to teach kids the fundamentals of cooperative gameplay.

Up to four players will attempt to capture the four treasures of Forbidden Island before it sinks to the ocean floor. Each round two or more of the island’s locations will be flipped over. If players don’t use their actions to flip it back over during the round, then that location is gone forever.

As locations sink, so will players’ hopes that they’ll make it off the island in time. Planning and working together is the only way to escape Forbidden Island with the treasures.

What are your favorite kid-friendly games? Tell us about the best ones in the comments!

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