Even MORE Personalities and Games for the International Tabletop Day Live Stream

Hey Everyone,



Ivan Van Norman here! And it’s finally all coming together with only one week left. We’re starting to put up streamers for our streamers and giving the tables one last polish. (And for all the felt bits, we have a tiny vacuum that takes forever, but it’s really adorable.) The caters know what kind of food we want and we’re trucking in as many bottles of water as the PA’s car can carry. And here’s the most important part – we have amazing people and incredible games to play.

We’ve talked about a few of the people we’re bringing to the table and you know I’ll be there along with our cast of Twitch hosts playing along with you that day. There will be familiar faces and new friends in the seats and on the floor as we play over-sized versions of popular games. We’ll face off against giants in Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, and we’re all going to die playing Dark Souls: The Board Game.  You’ll being playing from your homes against our hosts thanks to Asmodee Digital. And you can always just join our Extra Life Team to help raise money for a good cause.

We told you about some of the people coming to the party. Today, we give you even more names to cheer on or watch out for their cheating ways.

Vincent Caso – Actor (The Guild, Humble Pie)

Leo Camacho – Actor, Host, HD Films, Disney Dude

Amy Dallen – Host of Mines N’ Crafts, The Wednesday Club, Captain of VAST, The Doctor in Eric’s TBD RPG

Lincoln Damerst BoardGameGeek, Host of Game Night

Rotny Ford – Musician (Psyclon Nine)

Allison Haislip – Actor (Battlebots, Con Man, Attack of the Show)

Trisha Hershberger – Host/Producer, Member of ForeverVerse, Brick Battles

Erika Ishii – Actor/Voice Actor; Host of Game Together, Gather Your Party, Game Engine

Talisen Jaffe – Actor/Voice Actor, Percy on Critical Role

Matt Mercer – Actor/Voice Actor, Critical Role DM, Host of GM Tips, All-Around Amazing Guy

Jason Charles Miller – Actor/Voice Actor, Musician, Member of ForeverVerse, Signal Boost! Host

Satine Phoenix – Actor, Podcaster, Host of GM Tips, Signal Boost! Host

Mandi RomanHD Films

Becca Scott – Actor; Host of AXYB, Game the Game, Game Together, (known cheater)

Stephanie StrawBoardGameGeek, Streamer

Amy Vorphal – Writer, Musician, Member of ForeverVerse

Stephanie Woodburn – Actor/Producer; Host of Gather Your Party, Mines N Crafts, Signal Boost! Host


And there are still even more people and games to talk about, but for today, this should satisfy you until the big day. Keep an eye out for Monday to check out the full rundown of the day. Until then, roll dice and play nice. I’ll see you in a week.

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