Everything You Need to Know About International Tabletop Day 2017

Hey Everyone!


Ivan Van Norman here and we’re on the eve of the biggest day of playing games around the world, INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY! This year may just be the best one yet with more stores and events holding ITTD events around the globe. We have introduced you to some of the great FLGS through our community highlights. And the most amazing bit of all, YOU told us how board games have changed your life. From finding love to discovering a new direction in life, your messages about how board games have touched our hearts. And come April 29th, you’ll get to see many of them as we stream 18 hours of gaming goodness on Twitch.

If you haven’t already, check out one of the thousands of locations around the world celebrating the big day by searching on the top of the Tabletop Day website. Find that perfect store or that local event near you where people in your community will be playing some amazing board games or a fantastic RPG. Go play, have fun, and share your passion for gaming with someone new this year!

Looking to do more? Sign up for our Extra Life supergroup! Help us raise money to bring games to children in hospitals by donating your time to raise money or donate directly to a good cause. This is your chance to do good while playing well. We haven’t hit our goal yet, but with your help, we can help a lot of people on International Tabletop Day.

While you are rolling dice, we’ll be playing live on Twitch for 18 hours straight for the big day. There will be some of your favorite faces from the Geek & Sundry Live team there playing alongside some of our friends from the world of entertainment and board games. You’ll see them play through over-sized version of some of your favorite games like King of Tokyo and Tsuro.  And for the first time, you’ll see our team take on a titan in Attack on Titan: The Last Stand or watch them prepare to die in the all new Dark Souls: The Board Game. You’ll find a list of all the games and when you can catch them down below.

With all of the events, gaming celebrities, and amazing board games hitting the table; the most important part of International Tabletop Day is YOU. This is your day to discover something new, to laugh, to share, and to share your love of gaming with as many people as possible. Without you, this is no Tabletop Day. So right now even before the first card is played or the first dice hits the table, I want to THANK YOU for being with us, following us during the setup, or simply cheering us on as we get close to the big day.

Now go out and enjoy your day! Roll dice and play nice. Let us know how your International Tabletop Day is going by using #tabletopday or tweeting at us.

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