How do I get involved in International Tabletop Day this year?

There are several ways to get involved in ITTD. Right now, the day is broken into three major initiatives.

  1. Retailers and event hosts all over the world create a day filled with board games for you to play/attend!
  2. Publishers and retailers host sweepstakes and giveaways to celebrate their favorite games!
  3. Livestream and media content is hosted all over the internet, as well as on which is the HQ of ITTD

Check out the website if you are interested in hosting or attending one of the events. If you’re a distributor/game publisher and want to get involved, reach out to us to find out how!

I was registered on the website in previous years and I do not receive emails. How can I participate this year?

Awesome! Thanks for coming back. We really appreciate you investing the time, effort, and energy over the years to make ITTD great.


We’re making changes to simplify things this year. If you did not receive an email through our automated system:

  1. Check your spam folder (it can happen from time to time).
  2. Verify your email is correct on your event listing
  3. Contact us so we can get you on the mailing list!

I am a retailer; how do I get exclusive products or the “ITTD Box” I’ve heard about?

Sweet! First of all, thanks for getting your store involved! Second, we aren’t doing the ‘one and all’ box anymore. We are allowing retailers to order exclusive products ala cart via one of our participating distributors.


If you are a retailer and are interested in ordering ITTD exclusive products, contact your sales representative at one of the participating distributors below (or contact them to open an account today!)


  • ACD Distribution: 1-800-767-4263
  • Alliance Game Distributors: 800-669-4263 Baltimore (MD); 1-800-444-3552 Fort Wayne (IN); 1-800-424-3773 Austin (TX); 1-800-424-4263 El Cerrito (CA); 1-888-366-5456 Visalia (CA)
  • GTS Distribution:1-888-323-1800 Tempe (AZ); 1-888-333-9500 Smyrna (GA); 1-888-333-9500 Woburn (MA); 1-808-841-0265 Honolulu (HI); 1-800-940-0934 Grand Rapids (MI); 1-800-255-5440 San Jose (CA); 1-407-261-0257 Longwood (FL); 1-877-422-5532 Allentown (PA); 1-800-880-4447 Orange (CA); 1-800-890-5456 Lynnwood (WA)
  • PHD: Florida: Toll Free: (877) 743-4263; Texas: Toll Free: (855) 743-4325; New Jersey: Toll Free: (888) 657-1802; California: Toll Free: (855) 637-4263; Georgia: Toll Free: (800) 756-2601
  • Esdevium Games: Tel: 01420 593593
  • Universal Distribution: Phone: (514) 335-9000
  • Southern Hobby Distribution: Nashville: 800-473-2804; St. Louis: 800-558-7060; Chicago: 800-463-1133; New York: 855-584-6229; Reno: 800-974-4514
  • VR Distribution: +61 (0)8 8234 1355



What is the Event Marketing Box?

The Event Marketing Box is a free kit (shipping/handling not included) that contains various branded items in order to promote ITTD at your event. It contains no game items, and the contents will be announced shortly!


When can I order my Event Marketing Box?

Details regarding how and when to order the Event Marketing Box will be announced in the next couple of weeks on


Is this a Geek & Sundry marketing/promotion?

Geek & Sundry is a partner in International Tabletop Day, but not a vehicle to promote its brand. When we talk about ITTD, we only talk about how to create a space for the tabletop community and industry to play games and celebrate a special day. ITTD is about creating a platform to elevate the board game industry, and Geek & Sundry is helping build that platform.

What are the exclusive items retail partners can get?

This year’s exclusive items include:

  • Sparkle*Kitty  exclusive expansion pack by Breaking Games
  • Sagrada Promos by Floodgate Games
  • Wonderland (an exclusive game) by Renegade Games
  • Action Cats ITTD expansion by Twogether Studios
  • ITTD Promo Pack by Fireside Games

Will all the retailers listed here have exclusive ITTD items?

No. Retailers with ITTD items will be listed as partners on the site. Since pre-orders won’t start until March 1st, there will be no partners listed until orders are confirmed. In the meantime, contact your local retailer and let them know they can order exclusive ITTD items from their participating distributors.

Can I include a community event in the Tabletop network?

Have you scoured our site and found no ITTD events in your area? If you are someone who wants to throw your own board gaming party on the big day, you can still get in on the action. Submit your community event for Tabletop day by adding your event’s location on the site so others can join. A website, Facebook event, meetup, or Eventbrite link is required for verification. No home residences, please.


How do I sign up to get more information (do you have a mailing list)?

If you are a retailer and interested in participating in ITTD 2018, you can search for your shop and claim it or you can create a listing for your shop. This will allow you to be added to our system of participating retailers and interactive map where customers can find you.


If you are an individual looking for a place to play there are several ways to get involved in ITTD this year! Firstly, ITTD has an interactive map here, so you can search for retailers or gaming groups where you can play on the day. You can also find your local game store and ask them if they’re participating. Lastly, grab your friends and family, and play together!


Additionally, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!