Get Ready for the Best Tabletop Day Ever!

International Tabletop Day (April 29th) is almost here! On the big day, we’ll be playing games, laughing along with our special guests, and you can be there along for the ride on Twitch. Keep a screen up while you’re playing games this year or play along with us thanks of Asmodee Digital. You can even help kids in need by joining our Extra Life Team.

Roll dice, play nice, and tune into our Twitch 18-hour live stream on April 29th. There will be more than a few surprises. Check out our schedule below. All times are PST and they are subject to change – because, you know, it’s a live show.


What are you playing on Tabletop Day? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Eurydc

    Hey folks – do you have a list of swag that will be made available to game stores for Tabletop Day? I don’t have any game stores within easy distance of me to visit on Saturday (which is also World T’ai Chi Day, by the way!), but I usually try to find swag items available online after the actual Tabletop Day to add to my collection.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Ed Lopez

      Hi Jennifer,

      You can go here to see the list of swag for this year:



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