ABU Games

National Magic the Gathering and Board Game retailer

Tons of Tabletop events and Magic events running all day!

Dominaria Draft @1pm – $12 – Draft 3 packs of the newly released Dominaria! Each player will receive a promo Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp!

Standard (WIN-A-BOX) @1pm – $10 – Standard tournament, 4 50 minute rounds of Standard play, Dominaria cards are legal! Depending on numbers 16+ we may have a cut to top 8 for the winner to win a box of Dominaria!

Competitive Commander @1 – $5 – High tier decks or Homebrewed jank whatever you feel is competitive against the local meta.

Modern @3pm – $5 – 4 50 minute rounds of Modern play.

Buy a Box Sealed @5pm – $100 – You will receive 1 full box of Dominaria, and from that, you will create the best 40 card sealed deck you can! You will have 50 minutes to crack open packs and brew your deck from its contents. Swiss rounds dependant on the Player numbers. The winner receives a box of Dominaria!

Legacy @7pm $5 – 4 50 minute rounds of Legacy play.

D&D Tables brought to you by Treasure Valley Gamers

We will have tons of Teach and Plays running throughout the day, bring the whole family we will have games and events for all ages all day long!

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