Cortland Area Gamers Guild

Community Group for Tabletop Gamers

Cortland Area Gamers Guild    

A group for anyone interested in tabletop gaming.

No matter your game of choice, we all know how awesome it is.

Whether it’s roleplaying, war gaming, card gaming, board gaming, or anything else, if you live in or game in the Cortland area, we want to support your gaming.

The best thing about games — and a requirement for most games — is having people to play with! Getting together with friends and having a good time is what it is really all about. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find people to game with. We’re here to help.

Cortland Area Gamers Guild seeks to unite gamers with their fellow hobbyists, regardless of which style of gaming they are interested in. We strive to be a resource that helps gamers find safe and neutral venues to host and play games. We also support and encourage our local gaming shops who help us foster and grow the gaming community in the Cortland area!

Come check us out. It’s free. 😊

Find us on Facebook: Cortland Area Gamers Guild

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