Honiara Unconventional Gamers

Tabletop Gaming in the South Pacific

Do you ever have those days where you take a break from building artificial islands in your South Seas lagoon so that you can trade your valuable cache of fish, shells and bananas? Do you ever have those days where you’re leading your mercenary troops across the Medieval Italian countryside, trying to take control of the most powerful city states? Do you ever have those days where you just need one more camel to make the perfect deal in the markets of Jaipur? Or your space empire needs just one more resource to become all-powerful? Or you just need a few more dollars to build that TV station your young city needs?

No? You haven’t?

Would you like to?

Here’s a chance to do all this and more through the magic of table-top board, card and dice games. Sure, you can also bring along a regular pack of cards or a box of Scrabble, but there will also be “Carcassonne: South Seas”, “Condottiere”, “Machi Koro” and others. Never heard of them? Come along and find out about the world of Unconventional Games!

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Kukum Highway
Honiara Capital Territory SB
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Saturday 29 April, 10:30am-2:30pm