International Tabletop Day

Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids

You love games. We love games. Come hang out and play games with us.

What’s that, now? You don’t know how to play games? You’re still invited. You are actually EXTRA invited. Come on down to International Tabletop Day and allow our tabletop sommeliers to teach you some of the latest and greatest board games, card games, and RPGs this planet has to offer. Plus, get free swag (you love swag) and enjoy sweet discounts on Every. Single. Game. in the store. Yeah, we said it. Swing by your nearest shop to claim your ticket today!

15% off board games all day long at the Vault of Midnight of your choice. What? Yes. Some, but not many, restrictions apply. Ask a staff member for details!

Ticket includes a custom D20 imbued with Ancient Discount Magic. Roll for an extra discount ON TOP of the 15% off. We’re not making this up.

Spots are limited – let us save you a seat!

Celebration Drive Northeast 2121
Grand Rapids 49525 MI US
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