King’s Cross Tabletop Marathon

10 Hour Gaming Marathon

Tons of tables, a library full of games (wanna try the new Fallout?), and a chill attitude. As part of Geek & Sundry’s all-day event, we’re opening our doors for a 12 hour marathon of non-stop gaming! OK, we might pause. But just for pizza and burgers. Priorities, people.

Location: 196 Tor Dr, Seguin, TX. 78155

Time: 10am-10pm

1 review

  1. Great community game space, big library

    This community space at King’s Cross Church hosts frequent gaming events. Low-key, casual environment with a good amount of space and a big library of games available. The pastor is a gamer and makes his collection of war games, historical strategy games, scifi/fantasy, etc. available, and the church keeps a library too. Plenty of tables that are moved around as needed to fit whatever is needed. Coffee and sodas always available, too.

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Tor Drive 196
Seguin 78155 TX US
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Saturday: 10am-10pm