Mefun Boardgame Lib & Hobby Store

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We like Euro-styles games, American-styles games and TRPG(DND,CoC etc.). We are interesting in Essen Spiel each year. When await boardgames travel far across the sea and so much ports, we hope more people can join us to enjoy playing tabletop games.

The little Library has various selection of board game, TRPG and game supplies.There are card sleeves, card albums, playmats, album sheets, dices, deck boxes, TRPG set and delicious drink.We want to create the genuine and professional Tabletop Game Library that we are sure everybody deserves.

For your convenience, we have a little library of open tabletop games that we can demonstrate and that you can play.We also construe interesting games what some games fitting you.

Call us at (86)0571-56139099. Or email us(

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