Tabletop Day GDL 2018

Mexican boardgames blog and community based in Guadalajara

We run a weekly Game Night with about 50-60 attendees each event in different venues around Guadalajara’s metro area.

As an extension of our Game Night, we are going to run an event next April 29th, celebrating Tabletop Day.

The event will take place in a very nice venue, hosted by UZU Digital.

We are hoping for 100-150 attendees throughout the course of the day. I plan on the event running from 10-11 AM to nearly 9 PM (depending on the tabletop RPG players). We are also going to promote our event through local newspapers, local college campuses (I’m a university professor), tech companies (my girlfriend works in one of them), and various sponsoring businesses. I’ve also reached out to Geek & Sundry to ask to be included in their list of venues running Tabletop Day events.

We are planning on using our personal library of around 150 different titles, and we are expecting for people to bring their own games. We have several volunteers to help as librarians or to run introductory games for newcomers

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