The West Australian Board Gaming Association Inc. in Thornlie

Community based boardgaming in Western Australia

There will be Prizes!  People will be there to teach popular and easy to learn games like

1. Bohnanza (included as an example of a negotiation/trading game)
2. Carcassonne: South Seas (tile laying)
3. Dominion (deck building)
4. Catan (resource management)
5. King of Tokyo (dice rolling/combat)
6. Lords of Waterdeep (worker placement)
7. Love Letter (deduction/hidden roles)
8. No Thanks! (auction/bidding)
9. Pandemic (cooperative play)
10. Sushi Go! (card drafting)
11. Ticket to Ride (route building)
12. Pitch Car (dexterity and planning)

The West Australian Boardgaming Association Inc. is a not-for-profit collective of gamers who promote board games and card games through a range of public events in Western Australia. We are an incorporated association.

Our aims are:

The promotion of boardgames in the West Australian community.
The provision of regular game playing events at community venues.

Our Thornlie meet is on the fourth Saturday of each month which this year coincides with Tabletop Day!

We play all kinds of games, however the Thornlie meet has become a favourite venue for those who wish to play longer games. You might want to check our Board Game Geek Guild  to see if any big games are being organised for the next meet.

Note that entry is free if this is your first WABA event.

Food vendors are a five minute walk away and there is also a fridge and a microwave available. Soft drinks are also for sale at the venue (proceeds to WABA).

Towncentre Drive 39
Thornlie 6108 WA AU
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Our Thornlie meet is on the fourth Saturday of each month so this year it actually falls on International Tabletop Day! So rock up from 1pm - 11pm and if you can't make Saturday the 28th April perhaps next time.