Prepare for International Tabletop Day 2018 With Exclusive Items & Event Marketing Box

International Tabletop Day is just around the corner, and the big celebration is happening Saturday, April 28, 2018!  What does that mean? First and foremost, it means gaming at awesome local events and access to exclusive promo products only available at your local gaming store.

Exclusive Items!


This year, we’ll have five exclusive products you can buy at your friendly neighborhood gaming store on April 28:

  • Sparkle*Kitty  exclusive expansion pack by Breaking Games
  • Sagrada Promos by Floodgate Games
  • Wonderland (an exclusive game) by Renegade Games
  • Action Cats ITTD expansion by Twogether Studios
  • ITTD Promo Pack by Fireside Games

If you want to pick them up on ITTD, make sure you tell your friendly local gaming store to order these items from their distributors by March 16 so they can have them in their stores the week of April 22. You can also remind your FLGS to register their ITTD event on to stay up to date.

Event Marketing Box


And if you’re planning a community event or a store event, you’ll definitely want to pick up an ITTD Event Marketing Box. Designed to let the world know that you’ll be hosting an ITTD event, the box will be available soon for no cost on the Geek & Sundry store – all you need to do is pay for shipping and handling.

To be eligible to grab one of these boxes, you must be a registered user on The event box is limited to one box per registered store/community event, and there are only 1500 boxes available, so pick it up before we run out! We’ll let you know as soon as the boxes go up on our site.

Don’t forget to tune into Twitch on April 28th for our International Tabletop Day stream on Twitch hosted by Ivan Van Norman, and remember, PLAY MORE GAMES!


  1. theokester

    Can’t wait!

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  3. Gamesofberkeley

    How long before the event itself will the marketing boxes be shipped?

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