Raise Money With International Tabletop Day 2018 To Support A Worthy Cause: charity:water

Every year we come together on International Tabletop Day to do one thing: play more games. But we as gamers use games as a way to make our communities better. This year, Geek & Sundry wants to invite you to join us for ITTD 2018 and help us raise money for a charity that helps bring clean drinking water to people who need it: charity:water. They’re taking on the problem that 1 in 10 people on this planet doesn’t have access to clean water. They believe you can change everything by changing this one thing, and we believe it too.

charity water kids

Why did we choose to support with charity:water? Simple: if they were to play board games with us, they’d be the masters of action efficiency and worker placement. They take the resources given to them and put them straight into the objective: clean water. In real-world terms, 100% of public donations go directly to clean water projectsAs a charity, they’re radically transparent, meaning bluffing games aren’t their cup of tea.

Our objective is simple: we want to raise $10K – that amount for a single water project to transform a community or school.  Clean water in a community doesn’t only address issues of individual hygiene, health, and sanitation, but also community issues like women’s empowerment, food security, and economic development. As we count down the days to ITTD, it’s a great time to look at ways you can raise money at your local ITTD event for this fantastic cause.
Charity Water well

Whether you’re raising money at your ITTD event or you just want to give out of your own pocket, head to our ITTD 2018 fundraising page, where you can donate and see our progress towards our goal.  This year for ITTD, we’ll play more games, and make the world a better place while we do. 

Image Credits: charity:water

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