Tell Us How Board Games Changed YOUR Life This Year!

Before you know it, International Tabletop Day (April 29th) will be here with more games to play, people to meet, and enough fun to last you until the next Tabletop Day.

Before all of that happens, let’s remember what brought you to the table in the first place. What do you remember as the first game that opened your eyes to board games or simply the one you’re in love with now? What was your best memory of gathering around the table with friends? Maybe you made a new one while rolling the dice long ago or just last week. Now, we want you to tell us about it.

Grab an iPhone, webcam, or any of your favorite video recording devices to take a one-minute video about how board gaming changed your life. It can be about your first game you bought, your favorite game, or something even bigger. Make sure at the beginning of your video you state your full name, what socials you want to go through, and if you happen to own a store, tell us which store you call home. Hit record, tell us your story, and hit stop. It’s just that easy.

Watch over your video. Make sure that you’re happy with it. And then click on “submit your video” on the Tabletop Day site. Drag and drop your video into the bin. We’ll go through as many of the videos as possible before the big day. If we pick your video, we’ll pull it together with other people’s vids and show it on the Geek & Sundry ITTD stream on Twitch for the world to see.

Please send, share, and tell others about how board games changed your life. The best way to bring people to the table is to tell people what people brought you there in the first place. And don’t forget to find your local store or event on Tabletop Day before April 29th.

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