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Ivan Van Norman here and I’m still trying to recover from GAMA.  This week I’m sending a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who stopped by the booth and told us how board games changed their life. We have so many great stories to share, but we’re always looking for more. If you haven’t already, drop us a one minute video of how board games changed your life in our submit a video section of the Tabletop website. Look, I even gave you a link. That’s one less click in your day.

We’re less than one month away from the big day! I still haven’t even unpacked from my last trip. Can you believe it? Less than 30 days separate you and hitting the tables with hundreds of thousands of other gamers. Keep an eye on the Tabletop Day front page and socials as we roll out some big announcements. For example, make sure that you grab a seat this Saturday (1PM) at the Geek & Sundry Wondercon panel where I’ll reveal a huge announcement about Tabletop Day that you don’t want to miss.

And if you just happen to miss it, we’ve got your back with a post about it happening this upcoming Monday. While you are poking around the article section, you need to check out our 30 Days of Community. There will be a new FLGS featured every day until the big event. Check them out, share them with your friends, and help spread the love to just some of the people who help make the board gaming community amazing. You can check out the first couple of articles that are live on the site right now.

So while I get ready for my next panel, here are some of the news stories leading into the biggest tabletop month of the year. And always, don’t forget to roll dice and play nice.


  • Warhammer is getting a little bit bigger this year by hitting a more intimate field. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire looks to bring the mini experience to a two-player game that will let you slaughter your friend in less than an hour.
  • Want to play more games this year? I already know the answer and it looks like CMON wants to help make that happen. (I’m pretty sure you said “yes.”) Their new program looks to setup game nights at your local store with a couple of surprises. Check out more information here.
  • Maybe you need more agrarian mechs in your life. If that’s the case you’re in luck. Stonemaier Games just announced the newest expansion for Scythe, The Wind Gambit. Now you’ll get to fly the no-so-friendly skies with airships and get a new way to end the game.
  • One of these days, we’ll finally get that board game musical that I’ve always wanted. Until then, we have YouTuber ambierona combining songs with games such as “How Far I’ll Go (Deep Sea Adventure)” and “Did You Plan Future Runs?”

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