Weekly Tabletop News – Expansions Galore, Playing with Spies, Sharing Your Stories

Hey Everyone!


Ivan Van Norman here. I have to say that GAMA was a complete blast. Cheering erupted throughout the room, a couple people broke into tears, and that was just the breakfast buffet at the Paris Hotel.

But honestly, I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the fun we had at GAMA this year. We got to see some old friends as well as find a couple of new ones. You let us see your latest games and even gave us a seat at your table. Everyone there had some of the most incredible stories about how board games changes your life. We thank you for coming to the booth and letting us record your story for International Tabletop Day so we could share it with the world.

And now, it’s your turn. Grab your mobile phone, web cam, camera, or anything else that can record a little bit of video. Before you expound on the virtues of gaming, give us your name, socials, and if you own a store, which store you want us to highlight. Tell us how board games have changed your life in 30 to 60 seconds.

Take a look at the footage before you send it and give it a listen. You never know if there’s a misplaced hair or car horn that could mess up everything. And then click the “submit your video button” on the front page of International Tabletop Day.

We’ll do our best to go through all of them. If we pick your video, we’ll put it together with other videos for the big day. There’s no guarantee that we can get to everyone’s video, but we’ll use as many as we can. We know that there are a lot of great stories out there, and we want to hear from everyone!


Here’s what was happening this week while we were filling our plates full of bacon. (All hail Sizzlork, God of Bacon!)

  • Speaking of bringing great things together. CMON just hired game developer, Eric M Lang (Blood Rage, Arcadia QuestBloodborne: The Card Game, and more) as director of game design. With Rising Sun already surpassing 2 million dollars on KickStarter, you could say that this was a perfect match.
  • Time to get a bigger shelf. GAMA erupted with expansion news from many of the great games on your shelves. Cities of Splendor looks to expand the game in four different ways with their own twists. Harry Potter heads back into battle with the Monster Box of Monsters Expansion. And there’s a new Carcassonne expansion coming out. Time to head to the big top.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Beyond looks to bring your books and spell sheets with you in their new official app. If you are curious, you can sign up for the beta now.
  • Spying begins at the home or in this case, the home board. CNN Money reports that the CIA have developed their own game to help agents to become better operatives. I’m guessing that it’s not a modified version of “Guess Who.”
  • Analogue Games reports on a new game helping isolated children in hospitals. Played on the windows often separating children from the rest of the world, players construct games with shapes, stickers, magnets, and suction cups to create familiar games or create whole new ones. It’s just another example of board games changing people’s lives.


Don’t forget that International Tabletop Day is April 29th this year! Let people know where you are going to play or find a local even on the Tabletop Day front page. Share your stories. Play more games. And remember to always roll dice and play nice.

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