Weekly Tabletop News – GAMA Event, Huge Kickstarters, T-Rex Takes Over Twitter

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Ivan Van Norman here! We’re starting up something new this week by giving you a little news from around the board game world while I update you on some of the behind the scenes activities happening here with Tabletop Day. And right now… I’m packing my lucky dice, because we’re heading out to Las Vegas next week for the GAMA Show. While it’s mostly an industry trade show, if you’ll be attending come meet us on the show floor. We’ll be talking to publishers, retailers, and distributors about the big day, attending announcements, and meeting with people about this year’s International Tabletop Day.

So if you’re an industry pro, head over to the GTS Booth where we’ll be filming people (Hint: THAT’S YOU!) talking about how board games have changed their lives. This is the perfect time to share your story of finding the perfect game, what brought you to the table in the first place, or what keeps you coming back. It only takes a minute to share your story, and hopefully, it will make it to air on the big day.

As I look for my lucky dice bag (let me know if you see it anywhere – I swear it was in my Naruto Cookie Jar), let’s dive into the board gaming news of the week.

  • The might have just started, but we’re already giving out awards. Unlock! took the grand prize this year at the As d’Or board gaming award. This escape room in a box that just about to hit store shelves beat out CodenamesKingDomino, and Imagine for the big prize.
  • You want more little golden trophies? The Golden Geek Awards unveiled their list of winners this week as well. The BoardGameGeek community voted multiple awards, but it was pretty clear that Scythe was the game of 2016. Head over to their site for the full list.
  • The weather is getting warmer. The tax returns are in full bloom. It’s Kickstarter season. And if you don’t know by now, Eric M. Lang’s newest title, Rising Sun, leading the charge with 1.8 Million on the pile already.
  • Giving a whole new meaning to “rolling the bones”, the Chicago Field Museum’s T-Rex ‘Lucy’ has started up their very own D&D campaign on Twitter. You are allowed to lambast me on twitter for that bad bone joke.

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