Weekly Tabletop News – ITTD Games Announced And More!

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Ivan Van Norman here. In about 14 sleeps from now (depending on when you read this), we’ll be setting the lights, getting the cameras ready, polishing the tables, and reading over all the instruction books… ONE… MORE… TIME. Today, I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of International Tabletop Day – THE GAMES!

When you only have 18 hours to play everything, you really don’t have room to play every game in the world. (But we tried.) First off, we’re taking some classic games and making them big. We’re also bringing a couple of new titles to the table that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. We’re looking to build a skyscraper in Rhino Hero and then tear down a city in King of Tokyo. We’ll find out our fate in Dread Draw and find our happy place with Happy Salmon. And if we happen to survive all of that, we’re looking to two new games that might just kill us.  There will be mobile titles from Asmodee Digital you can wrap your thumbs around and maybe play against us on the big day. We’ll be announcing more games and the schedule as we get closer to the date.

If you wanted more gaming glory, we’ll also have Twilight Imperium 3 running all day long on a special table. Check out the link for more information about some of the glory that awaits our table of guests. And still, this doesn’t cover all of the games we’ll be playing, the events, the interviews, and surprises that we have waiting for you on the big day.

While you are waiting for us to unveil the final list, now would be a great time to tell us how board games have changed your life. All you need is a phone, a minute of your time, and the ability to click on a link to find out how you can submit your story. If you are looking for a little inspiration, check out our Community posts.

Let’s say that you don’t want to do any of this for Tabletop Day.  You just want head over to your friendly local store and play games with your friends. We still need you to help by joining our Extra Life charity team to raise money for kids or give what you can. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Play more games and help more kids at the same time.

While I go through a couple more rule books, why do you check out some of the news that hit the board gaming world this week.

  • Check out this beautiful three player game that just popped up Analogue Games created by a couple of pharmacists from Iran. Wood carved boards? You must see them.
  • All aboard! We’re hitting the rails yet again with Ticket to Ride: Germany. You’ll be taking meeple to their destination this time around.
  • Do you have more games than you think you have? I know that I do, but in this video from Late to the Table, find what games you probably have sitting around can be used to play different games.
  • We often hear about Monopoly tearing people apart, but in this new video from Best Play, we learn how the game saved lives during World War II.

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