Weekly Tabletop News – Makers of Magic, Extra Life Partnership, A Hundred Ways To Win

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Ivan Van Norman here again! International Tabletop Day is almost here. There are only a couple of sleepless weeks left before the big day. And really, this is going to be our most amazing one yet. There’s only so much I can tell you about some of the surprises. But for you, I’ll let you on a couple of secrets. We just got [redacted] and [redacted] in the mail this week. Playtests start Tuesday, but I think we’re going to try to get [redacted] and [redacted] for the table. You are going to love it when you see it on the stream on April 29th.

But don’t think we’re done putting together everything we need for the big day. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Start off by telling us your board gaming story. Pull out your phone, hit record, and in about a minute, let us know how board games changed your life. Go on and click the submit your video button at the top of the Tabetop Page. Let us know how board games changed your life. Every story your share one more story that could get someone interested in coming to the table.

Extra-Life is a go! If you haven’t heard by now, we’re teaming up the charity to bring board games to kids in hospitals. If you want to get involved, now is your chance to put together your own team for the big day or join us to raise money while we play more games.  Check out our article about it for all the info you need.

If you haven’t checked out our 30 Days of Community, now is the perfect time to learn about some of the great game stores around the United States. We have stories of people turning their passion into a career and some finding a way to give back to the community one game at a time. Read and repost if you can. Some’s next favorite FLGS may just be the one you read about.

Whew! Did you catch all that? Don’t worry. You can always check out our articles and keep an eye on our socials to make sure that you’re up to date on everything. Until next week, here are some of the bigger stories from the board gaming work that hit this week.

  • PAX Unplugged might be happening closer towards Tukey Day, but tickets are happening sooner than you think. Badges go on sale May 3rd if you want to check out the all board game version of PAX.
  • There might be a 100 ways to leave your lover, but it looks like there are two more ways to win at Catan. Board Game Analysis breaks down all the wining strategies for the most efficient ways to win. We, however, don’t recommend breaking up with anyone over the longest road victory.
  • If your wallet isn’t already suffering from all the Kickstarters or Gloomhaven’s second printing, then let me introduce you to Hardback, the “pre-Quill” to Paperback. One part Scrabble meets deck building in this new Kickstarter game.
  • Game Informer gives you first look at the iconic characters from Starfinder.
  • And with the new Magic set being teased all this week, Kotaku got an interview with the lead developer behind Magic: The Gathering. Find out how tough it is to fight off power creep. And no, you can’t just tap two blue mana to make it go away.

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